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2017 20th Year Superstar Christmas National
November 17-19th
Gatlinburg, Tennessee

2017 National Photo Contest going on NOW!
Deadline to enter is September 26th!
This is the only Photo Contest being held with Boy Divisions so don’t miss it!
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Mega Grand Supremes with Emcee Mr. Tim Whitmer
Jonnay Askew, Emma Charles Townsend, Kayla Hatton,
Hallee Williamson and Julia Meadows

Ultimate Grand Supremes
Aira Brummett, Kylee Bland, Eden Martinez, Olivia Kennedy and Hannah Milam


Ultimate Face Supremes
Aaleyah Galloway (not pictured), Eden Calvert, Samara Ash, Madison Brewer and MaKayla Elledge
America’s Gorgeous Guys Supremes
Lance Mathis, Jake Ward and Preston Priddy

2016 National Royalty
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Kaitlyn Wheat
National Lifetime Royalty
Chloe Kasey
National Lifetime Royalty
Madeleine Overby
National Lifetime Royalty
Candace Foster
National Lifetime Royalty
Keyarie Blackwell
National Lifetime Royalty
Lauren Yee
National Lifetime Royalty
Peyton Crawford
National Lifetime Royalty